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Q: Who Do I Call After A Wreck?
A: After calling a wrecker, call your insurance company to file the claim. Then call us and let us know the car is coming or the car is here. Just because they open a claim, doesnt mean theyre gonna pay for it, it just means you're in the system. If the car is drivable, they can meet you here to look at the car or you can go to their office.
Q: Do I need to choose a shop from my insurance companies list?
A: No you don't. Sometimes they will make you feel like you do. But in NC, the law states you have the right to choose your own shop for repairs. Price is not the only factor, sometime it's confidence, trust and quality.
Q: How many estimates do I really need?
A: Sometimes the Insurance Company will say "you need to get 3 estimates". In reality, all you need is one, the one from the place you want to tackle your car. If the Insurance company pressures you, let us know because they're breaking the law.
Q: I have a favorite shop but their estimate is higher. Do I need to take my car to the lower priced shop?
No, according to state law, you can have your car repaired at whatever shop you have a relationship with. It's important you take your car to someone you trust will do a great job.
Q: When I drop off my car at the body shop, how long before I get it back?
This is simple math, get the total estimated labot hours from your estimate, divide that number by how many hours are worked during the business day, subtract the day you drop it off and the day you pick it up, subtract for lunch hours and breaks. The total is how many days your car is estimated to be in the shop.
Q: If I see something wrong with the repair when I pick the car up, what can I do?
Quality control is very important to us, we check over all cars before customers pick them up. In the event something does get past a quality check, we will stand behind and correct any itsms not up to our high standards.
Q: How long should i expect the repair to last?
Our repairs our guaranteed for as long as you own the car.
Q: Will my color match?
Yes indeed your color will match when the existing paint is in good condition. Matching color to old and deteriorated paint is close to impossible. There are many ways we ensure a good match. For more on color match, see our info pages.
Q: Will the Insurance company pay overages?
After work has begun on a repair and the body shop begine to tear down the car, there always seems to be items hidden that were damaged by the accident and need to be repaired or replaced. These additional repair processes require additional time, parts and charges. Therfore a supplemental charge is required. Insurance companies always pay supplemental charges when they are justified. For more information on supplemental charges, see our info pages.

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